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 Christian Carrasco Müller -PROFESSIONAL HUNTER
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Masara: Safaris and Hunting

Christian Carrasco Müller – PROFESSIONAL HUNTER

The Masara team is composed of a group of specialists in organizing photographic and hunting safaris in Africa as well as Monterías and Stalking in Spain and Europe. Headed by a businessman from Ciudad Real of Swiss origin, Christian Carrasco Müller has had the opportunity to live unforgettable experiences all over the world, which has led him to discover the deepest and most sincere respect for animals, hunting and nature.

Masara covers all the hunting and tourism services in Spain, Europe and Africa: big game, stalking, hunting, safaris, tourism, photography and many other possibilities are included in our catalog.

Some people are born to walk … to travel a long way … but the important thing is not the distance … but each firm step that deserve the reward. M.M..