There are sensations difficult to explain, others to understand and the good ones. thank God for forgetting. When it comes to people the feeling is even deeper, there are those who pass without pain or glory through our life and are but an ephemeral and vain memory, but others, some others are a gift to the soul.

For his greatness, for his elegance, for his wisdom, for his exemplary and for his honesty, for having lived by and for his people. profession, for having sacrificed days and nights halfway around the world of his family, for having dedicated an entire life to his eternal passion.

Knowing one of these people is intoxicating, if you also share. the same passion the sensation is inexplicable. Listening to only one of your to share only one of their experiences, to learn with their friends, and to advice, get excited about his memories… that’s just magical.

Thank you Isabel for making a dream possible, thank you Tony for to have given me a unique moment. May God make it possible that someday I can walk with you that path, hopefully I can ever walk behind his footsteps, would be……… simply unforgettable.